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Halloween- My Favorite Holiday!

October 27, 2006

Seeing as how I got married on Halloween, it should be pretty obvious to all that I love October 31st. I have always loved scary movies and Stephen King novels (though that is likely the reason I have to sleep with a night lite on), and the color combination of orange and black just rocks!

I am always on the lookout for cool Halloween stuff! I hit the jackpot recently and got a cool Orange and Black purse that I call the Gotti purse- it just looks like something Mrs. Gotti herself would carry.

Gotti purse

I also found the cutest little cupcake container at Wal-Mart yesterday for a dollar! Those are little bat shaped sprinkles on top. My stitch markers will be sooo happy living here!


Another of my prized Halloween posessions is the quilt below.  It is one of only two (and one in progress, of course) that I have made.  I hesitate to call it an offical quilt, because it was super easy compared to the other one I made and looks like Special Ed to the one I am working on now.  My ever-awesome grandma saw the pattern in a Joanne’s magazine last year and adapted it herself and we both made one.  It is too cute and super warm and flannelly.  It has little fringes between each square.

pumpkin quilt  close up quilt pumpkin

Totally off the subject, the middle school where I work has a great football team.  We played in the regional championship tonight, but I didn’t go so I don’t know if we won or not.  All of the teachers today wore players jerseys so it was neat-o.  Never the cheerleader type, I actually enjoyed wearing the jersey and coordinating ribbon in my hair. 🙂

me in jersey

(Notice how rough I look- you can tell its the end of the day.  I think the left eye is in mid-stress twitch)


and here you can see my classroom (notice the argyle pattern bulletin board) and me in the mirror before I left for work (notice the cluttered sink area- I am addicted to bath and body works and bare escentuals make-up!)

mirror in jersey    jersey2

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  1. October 27, 2006 5:56 am

    cuuuuute punkin quilt! sorry you missed the shop update. i can’t believe how fast everything went!

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