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Poppy and Overcoming DPN Fear

February 15, 2007

It has been a very good knitting week! I went to my LYS this weekend and left with $145 of yarn for my Poppy from YarnPlay. I got a darker, less vibrant silk garden in colorway 234 and the bought some Alpaca for the bottom panel because they didn’t carry the Cash Iroha.

After I got home and started knitting it, I quickly decided that I wanted mine EXACTLY like the one in the book- yarnwise, anyway. So I looked around for Colorway 2 (black) and was able to find it for a really good price at

It arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to get started!! I will cast on tonight or tomorrow on the way back to Augusta- my mom has me tons of goodies from IKEA!

Now for the thing I am most proud of- I have overcome my fear of Double Pointed Needles!!!!! When I first started knitting years ago, I made a purse on dpns and I loved it. I didn’t try to use them again, however, for a longlong time. Even when I was in my sock phase, I did Magic Loop. I have been having the hardest time trying to find long enough circular needles to do magic loop with everything so I had my grandma sit down and reteach me how to use them. I forgot how easy it was!! I finished a baby hat for my sister on Sunday and I started some wristwarmers in my Rowan. I am enjoying using them and will now be able to do my Poppy sleeves the “right way.” I also ordered a skein of YarnPirate’s Karma (Loved this colorway) so I could start my first dpn socks!

Needless to say, it has been a great knitting week!!

I am nervous about work today- I have to do a presentation in front of my collegues- yucky! But it is at 9am so at least the nerves will be over early this morning!!!

I love my hubby! We had a nice, peaceful Valentine’s Day at home- ordered pizza, he made me some beautiful earrings, and had Pirates of the Carribean valentines stashed all over the house (I love Jack Sparrow). 🙂

I’ll post photos of the wristwarmers and Poppy Progress ASAP.

I also joined Secret Pal 10!! I am soo excited! This will be my first exchange!!

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