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Twitter? and A Pattern I Like

March 28, 2009

ETA- EARTHHOUR is today!! Tonight at 8:30pm your local time- all lights out for the environment!! Check out this link for more information!

Here are pics from my EarthHour- one of the front of my house (dark!) and one of my pretty candle set-up that provided me enough light to read my Kindle 🙂

Okay. So I have tried twitter, as you can see over on my sidebar. I have mixed feelings about it. At first I was mesmerized…AWESOME!! It was like texting to no one- I could say all the random comments that pop into my head during the day to an audience…who cared if they responded? But then I started to follow the tweets (is that the right noun here?) of a few people and I must say that I have divided the twitter citizens into several groups-

1. “I signed up to check it out.”
Okay, Yarn Pirate. I am talking to you. You haven’t tweeted in months. Somehow I see myself in that same boat soon… I am not good at sticking with ANYTHING (except reading vampire-themed books, it seems).
2. “I will tweet my every breath.”
Okay, Jenn Lancaster. I am talking to you. I don’t even understand half of what you are tweeting… you are damn funny, but the most I have gotten out of your tweets so far is that you like and talk a lot about cupcakes…
3. The “I have something IMPORTANT to share” Tweeter
Amy & Phil, I am talking to you. So far, you have managed an excellent balance of sharing links to sites others may find interesting with BRIEF comments about what is going on in your life (yoga, mean-people punching)
Obviously, I strive to be a Type 3 Tweeter. I guess we will see. I have included one link! and figured out how to work tinyurl. But I am having a hard time keeping my tweets short… I have too much to say…

Phil had funny Twitter video on his site the other day linked from youtube. The Trouble with Twitter…

Oh, and I really haven’t forgotten that this is a KNITTING blog.  I saw a Pattern on Rav last night that I really like- That’s A Wrap by A Swell Yarn only takes 360 yards of DK weight to make darling cropped cardi… I am hoping to snag another skein of Yarn Pirate’s Hope to make it…

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  1. The Techie Tutor permalink
    March 31, 2009 6:53 pm

    I LOVE this picture of your candles…my other passion is photography. This I must try!


    • April 1, 2009 3:32 pm

      Thanks! I knew I needed a better picture than the darkness that was the front of my house, so I pushed together all the tealights I had lit and threw a shell in the center- voila! a work of art 🙂

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