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Best Time of Day To Knit

April 28, 2009

So. I have realized that there are certain times of the day that I CAN’T pick up the needles to knit without some ghastly mistake happening. Namely, before 9 am and after 8pm. I think my brain goes to sleep or something long before my body does and wakes up long after. I am curious to know if everyone else’s quality of knitting is in direct relation to the time of day!

Anyway, the awesome Yarntini did a HUGE update today of SELF-STRIPING and you got to CHOOSE your colorway…but of course I missed it!! We are doing state testing and I was still busy with that and missed the all important email. 😦 She is supposed to be doing more frequent updates in her Etsy shop, so I hope I catch the next one.

And in Vampire Sock Club news, the first shippment is supposed to maybe go out on Friday. Since I am barely 4 hours from the AMAZING Squibstitcher, I am sure (crossing fingers) to get mine Saturday. She gave us a hint that Jacob is on his way and then it will be one of our other choices and a pattern. I am thinking I am getting Billy- appropriate considering the relationship of the characters and also the colors themselves. I am sooo excited to be in the CLUB!! But already jealous of those that will get in the next round when she is hoping to add House of Night colorways!!

And don’t forget that the new Sookie Stackhouse book comes out next week on Tuesday, May 5 (look for a post from me then with good knits for Sookie!) and following close behind is the First Season of True Blood on DVD! I haven’t seen a single episode- I don’t have HBO and my best friend who recorded them has four small children and a horny husband so we haven’t been able to watch them 🙂


Well, happy knitting and don’t forget to comment about your “best” knitting times. I have to go frog a few rows that I tried to knit after 8pm last night…

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  1. April 28, 2009 7:03 pm

    I have problems knitting before I am “warmed up” in both brain and fingers. I also prefer daylight to the weak-ass greenish light we get from those CFL bulbs— I think they lie about the equivalent wattage. I know they lie about the environmental benefit because the bulbs are full of mercury and heavy metals and there are no places to recycle them.

    I am first in line to get the new Sookie book from the library.

    And… as far as yarn goes… I never buy from places with artificial shortages. If there is not enough to go around, I feel guilty if I “win”. Probably someone else needs that more than I do. It is even worse when the place has a discussion group where all the people who lost out whine for days. Or they look at other people’s finished objects and say, if they had gotten the yarn, their hat/mittens/whatever would be vastly superior and the seller should choose her clients more carefully…. I guess some people missed that LYS snooty b***h attitude and absolutely had to recreate it in order to get that yarn-buying buzz.

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